Left Hand Scholarship – Unique Scholarship Option

Considering someone for a scholarship on the basis of their dominant hand is as unique as when talking about such awards. Based in Huntingdon, PA, Juniata College is possibly the only educational institution in the country to offer left-handed scholarships.

Financial aid for studies is something that is usually awarded on the basis of a student’s academic performance or other criteria considered standard. However, if you seek unconventional scholarships to fund your education, you can find some truly unique opportunities. These include scholarships for tall people, short people and of course left-handed people.

Left Hand Scholarship
Mary Francis Beckley award:

Mary Francis Beckley is a former student of Juniata college and established this scholarship. Reward: $1000 – $5000. Eligible students: Juniata college sophomores, juniors or seniors.

The page about this scholarship as it is left handed on the university website. It contains information about the criteria for getting it along with a story of the founder. Academically successful students who need to support themselves can take a look at this option to finance their education at Juniata.

Sol scholarship application details are also provided on the College website. For additional information, there is the contact information of the person who can be contacted. Source: http://www.juniata.edu/services/news/?action=SHOWARTICLE&id=17

Being left-handed from all funding of higher education, applying for a scholarship will likely be the last thing a student can think of. But someone thought about it and more than 40 people got it.

Traditional competitive areas such as athletic ability and academic record are where most students compete for help. These covariates form the basis for comparison when an institution decides who to award. In such a case, a variable like your last name or dominant hand seems to be an area with less competition.

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Of course, there will also be competition among applicants for these unusual scholarships. But the fact that they eliminate competition in unique ways makes them an attractive option. Whether a student succeeds or not depends on his academic performance and need in this left scholarship case. However, it certainly creates a very rare niche.

Additional information about this scholarship for left-handed people is available on the college website. Sophomores, seniors and juniors attending the institution are accepted for it.

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