International Scholarships – How To Find In 3 Simple Ways

Getting an international scholarship involves many steps, but like anything in life, it starts with a simple one. The first step in getting a scholarship is actually finding the right scholarship for you at the right University. This step is indeed a challenge, but not if you know the right secrets and little-known shortcuts!

So how do you find them? Let me count 3 ways.

Find Scholarships on Search Engines

Today, anything can be found using search engines. Knowing the right tips and tricks can help you find more relevant results for your scholarship search. For example, you want to find scholarships in your chosen field of study – Master of Business Administration or MBA. Writing “MBA scholarships” will already give you a lot of relevant results, but if you want to see the latest MBA scholarships, how do you bid it?

(Note: This only applies to Google). First, type and enter the keyword “MBA scholarships” as you normally would. Once you get to the results page, now paste the following string of words: &as_qdr=m at the end of the URL and hit enter. Doing so will give you the webpages for MBA scholarships that were just released last month. You can choose to filter results in the last 24 hours (&as_qdr=d), last week (&as_qdr=w), or last year (&as_qdr=y1).

To get specific search results, you should add relevant modifiers to your keywords when doing your query. In the scholarship search, relevant modifiers include “deadline (enter month)”, “to study (enter location)” and “to (enter nationality, country of origin)”. In our example, the specific keywords could be “MBA scholarships for Indians last December 2009”, “MBA scholarships for Indians in Europe” or any combination of keywords and modifiers that would best describe your search. The key here is to be specific. Put the keyword(s) in quotation marks (“”) only when you want full search results for that keyword.

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Apart from Google and Yahoo, you can search for scholarships on different platforms such as Blog/Blog Networks (using Google Blog Search), Twitter (using Twitter search) and even Facebook (searching for scholarship groups).

Find Scholarships in Scholarship List/Databases

Many free resources on international scholarships are on the world wide web. Many websites and blogs compile scholarships available for international students and provide this service for free. Most of these websites have built-in search engines or allow browsing for categorized scholarships.

You can find these websites in reputable directories of websites and blogs (Dmoz Directory, Yahoo Directory, Alexa, etc.). You can also come across these websites when you search on search engines. Be careful to choose only websites that add value to your search. Once you find good websites, you can benefit greatly by subscribing to their updates.

Find Scholarships on Universities and Scholarship Providers Websites

Finding international scholarships requires knowing that WHO offers them. Visit the websites of governments, embassies and major international donors to learn about the scholarship programs they offer. Some of these agencies provide special scholarship databases that allow students to find international scholarships offered by scholarship providers (eg DAAD Scholarship Database) or available scholarships to study in a particular country (eg – study in the Netherlands).

We also know that some Universities offer scholarships as part of their international programs. In addition, donor organizations and institutions often run their scholarship programs through Universities. Not all Universities have programs for international students and not all of them manage scholarships on behalf of donor organizations so obviously you need to find Universities that do. You can start by shortlisting the Universities you plan to study at and manually visiting the Universities websites and finding out if the University of your choice offers scholarships for international students.

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