How to Get Scholarships for USA Study

There are options for students to receive financial aid while studying in the USA. Students are also entitled to receive assistance from the university they are studying at. The most important factors to consider are:

  1. Universities consider the country from which you came to the USA before deciding on your scholarship.
  2. A student’s need to pay for education, health, and insurance while in the United States.
  3. The education level of the student is also a determining factor in determining the scholarship level. For example, undergraduate students are eligible for higher scholarships from universities. Some special scholarships are reserved for such students only.
  4. Students who participate more in co-curricular activities during their high school years have a higher chance of receiving a scholarship.
  5. Some courses are also more suitable than others to be selected for scholarships.
  6. Grades received in high school are also decisive in determining the level of scholarship a student is likely to receive.

Students must apply to their university’s financial aid office to begin their process for this scholarship. Officials in this office can inform you of all the details of applying for such financial aid.

Concordia college awards scholarships to international students based on their needs and academic excellence. The amount of this scholarship is approximately $25,000 per year. Apart from that, Columbia college also gives financial aid to students based on their academic excellence. Scholarships are awarded in bulk or as a 15-20% discount on tuition fees.

Apart from this, there are certain financial aid programs financed by leading financial institutions. Examples of such scholarships are the Joint Japan World Bank Postgraduate scholarships, AAUW international scholarships, and the Aga Khan Foundation international scholarship program.

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Let’s discuss these scholarships in detail:

  • Joint Japan world bank graduate scholarships: These scholarships allow students to receive scholarships if they are enrolled at eight private universities, including the University of Chicago, John Hopkins University, Columbia University, Cornell University, and Harvard University.
  • AAUW international scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to women in the United States who do not hold permanent residency or citizenship status in that country. These scholarships are awarded to all women pursuing a master’s or bachelor’s degree. These scholarships are awarded to women who demonstrate academic excellence. Although these scholarships are given for only one year, nearly five scholarships in total are renewed for one year in a row.
  • Aga Khan Foundation international scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to all students who do not have the resources to financially assist their studies. Students are given 50% credit and the remaining amount is given through grants. This scholarship prefers students who have purchased Masters and Doctoral degrees.

So, you can get USA scholarships to study abroad which can alleviate your financial hardships.

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